Finest Quality, Handcrafted Doors and Windows” in Minnesota

At TS Building Supply, LLC Window & Door Specialist, all our products are handcrafted in a variety of wood species. Each piece of work is hand-made with a focus on the fine finish. Our manufacturers have the imagination and materials necessary to meet your expectations with the perfect blend of complementary designs and styles.

TS Building Supply, LLC Window & Door Specialist


Our team accentuates the look and feel of the doors and cabinet fronts. All our products are hand-finished, sand-cast, or hand-forged hardware.

From interior and exterior custom wood doors to cabinet fronts and hardware, we have got you covered.

We sell the finest selection of hardwood doors, which are meticulously crafted to perfection. Select from a wide variety of available styles and finishes. Additionally, our manufacturers can design the doors to suit your style preferences.

Several factors, such as wood type, number of panels, distress level, clavos, finish, and hardware, can dramatically impact and transform the final look of the hardwood door. The only limitation is your imagination.

  • Plank
  • Panel
  • Designer
  • Mesquite
  • Contemporary

Personalize & Specialize Furniture Works

We offer a variety of accessories to make your door fit any architectural style. With the addition of clavos, wood plugs, custom ironwork, or other accessories available, the look of your door can change dramatically and become truly unique.

Types of Accessories

  • Glass
  • Clavos
  • Iron finishes

Cabinet fronts are handcrafted with a wide variety of wood and finishes to complement a variety of architectural styles.

Architectural Styles

  • Finish
  • Distress

Unique architectural hardware is the perfect complement to our expertly crafted doors.

  • White bronze sand-cast hardware is available in antique, polished, and brushed finishes.
  • Silicone bronze sand-cast hardware is available in antique, oil rubbed, dark & burnt finishes.
  • Hand-forged iron series hardware is available in old wrought, black wrought, and rustic finishes.

The manufacturer uses only the finest materials and design techniques, which give long-lasting results.

Hardware is available in all standard functions. Therefore, the same hardware can be used throughout the home. You can choose to combine any lever with any backplate.

Hardware Available

  • Pulls
  • Multi-point
  • Forged iron
  • Levers knobs
  • Thumb latch entry
  • Deadbolts mortise bolts
  • Pocket, bi-pass & bi-fold pulls